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COVID-19 Craziness

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What a crazy week this has been, am I right? I have reached out to my couples getting married this spring and we have spoken about our plans for their weddings. As for the remainder of my 2020 weddings, we’ll see where this goes and make plans accordingly! For now though we are sitting tight in our homes just waiting this out and hoping that we can all stay healthy through this COVID-19 crisis.

I am not one to panic but rather the type of person that likes to plan and prepare as best as possible. If you are finding that you have some downtime now that basically everything has been cancelled you can definitely use this time wisely! In a way, we are so fortunate to have amazing technology that will allow so many resources at our fingertips. You can easily research all of your vendors online and even skype of facetime with them instead of meeting in person. This is the perfect time to plan your 2021 wedding!

I know I have mentioned it often in my instagram stories but I really just want to restate that fact that you shouldn’t wait to book your key vendors. Popular dates book up sometimes 18-12 months in advance! And in 2021 it might be a possibility that dates will book even faster due to the postponed weddings happening now.

If anyone is concerned about their own wedding or potential plans please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m always available by e-mail and would love to help where I can.


On a more personal note, my kids are officially home from school until April 20th. Yes – you read that right. That’s more than one month of “home-schooling” while working my day job and running a business. I am so fortunate to be able to work from home in the first place so while this is uncharted territory, I’m thankful for the ability to be home for my kids. And just like I mentioned above, I’m a HUGE planner and I love a challenge. So since being faced with this major change in lifestyle and schedule, I have been doing what I do best – making lists and plans!

  • I took stock of what food we have at home, what I was able to scrounge up from the grocery store, and what instacart was able to deliver and planned my menu for the week! Unfortunately no one has bread but on a positive note, I LOVE baking! So tomorrow I’ll be making rolls for pulled pork sliders, and sandwich bread for all of the PB&J we’ll be eating!
  • Our yard needed some major attention so today was the perfect day to get outside and rake up all of the “sticky balls” from our trees. I also cleaned out the garden beds to prep for our herbs and veggies! Speaking of out garden, I’ll have the kids start our seeds tomorrow!
  • I have 3 boys, ages 8, 6, and almost 5! I’m not sure what their virtual learning will look like but I am hoping to involve them more in making meals throughout the day, as well as making their own beds. Since they won’t have music class we might dust off our keyboard and find some youtube tutorials to learn to play. My oldest is interested in learning cursive while he’s home and my youngest just wants to bake M&M cookies! I also have a whole pinterest board of crafts ready to go!
  • I’m a little upset that I won’t be able to go to the gym but I do have two legs and a river nearby to walk to on nice days! Otherwise I’ll be doing some kettlebell and dumbell workouts alone in my basement.
  • I also have my usual business goals and things to tend to but I won’t bore you all of that!

I think that whether your a parent or not, sticking to some kind of schedule each day is so important. This can be a really great time to tackle some projects that were lingering, learn to bake something ( as long as you were able to get the ingredients from the store), plan your wedding, or who knows what! On any normal day I also devote some time to my mindset by journaling and meditating. I’m pretty sure I’ll need that now more than ever!

I love to connect over making plans and setting goals so if you’re stuck on what you want to accomplish over this “quarantine” just reach out and we’ll chat! Most importantly, count your blessings! It’s so easy to think about all of the ways we have been inconvenienced but there is always something to be grateful for.