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Wedding Day Tips From A Pro Photographer

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8 Wedding Day Tips

Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Weddings are such beautiful events that involve so many people. Even intimate weddings with a low guest count can still end up being crazy when working with different vendors and dealing with moving parts. I always offer the following wedding day tips to my couples to help them have a stress-free, smooth-flowing wedding day!

  1. Brides’ Details. Have all of those little details that you want photographed set aside. This way the photographer doesn’t have to run around searching for tiny details which can take a lot of precious time. These small details include jewelry, perfume, the full invitation suite, rings, shoes, garter, and anything sentimental. Your dress and veil can stay in their bags and we will carefully move them when we’re ready. Flowers can also stay in water so they don’t wilt early.Wedding day tips from a professional photographer specializing in Philadelphia weddings
  2. Grooms’ Details. Same rules apply to the groom! Make sure he has his cologne, shoes, tie, cufflinks, watch, etc. all set aside. When your photographer arrives he or she can get all of those photos out of the way and this also gives the bridal party a few minutes to warm up to the new person in the room.Wedding day tips from a professional photographer specializing in Philadelphia weddings
  3. Getting Dressed. The bride and groom should not be dressed when the photographers arrive. Grooms can be in their pants and shirts but shoes, jackets, ties and accessories should be set aside. Brides can be dressed in anything they’d like. I personally like to photograph my couples getting those final details on when it’s actually happening, instead of staging those events.Wedding day tips from a professional photographer specializing in Philadelphia weddings
  4. Hair and Makeup. When planning the timeline for hair and makeup it is incredibly helpful if the bride, and anyone assisting her into her gown, have their hair and makeup done before the photographers arrive. This way, if anything does run late with hair and makeup, we can still have the bride get dressed while other bridesmaids finish hair and makeup.
  5. Getting Ready Photos. Do you love those photos of the bridesmaids in matching robes? Make sure your photographer knows ahead of time! Because when those photos happen it means that all hair and makeup needs to be done and that getting dressed is put on hold.
  6. Hotel Room Keys.  A lot of hotels require a room key to access the elevator so if yours does, make sure you tell the front dest to have a room key ready for your photographers! Otherwise we have to have the front desk call your room and bother you 🙂
  7. Room Numbers. Don’t forget to also tell your photographer your room numbers as soon as you know them! Again, just so we don’t have to bother you.
  8. Family Portraits. Make sure that any family members included in the portraits before or after the ceremony, know that they are being photographed. They will need to know to arrive early or to stay after the ceremony for photos. A lot of guests are really excited for that cocktail hour and will rush out if they don’t know they’re needed for family portraits. Wedding day tips from a professional photographer specializing in Philadelphia weddings

That’s it! Those are the tips I provide to all of my couples! If you would like any more information please visit the experience section of my website! If you are interested in booking your wedding with Noreen Turner Photography then contact me here!


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