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There are a few things in life that I firmly belive in. The first is the everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t know that reason or it isn’t apparent right away. The second is that I believe that we can overcome any situation in which we are presented. Sometimes I think that the reason some of us don’t have injuries, illnesses or other hurdles to go through is because maybe some of us just aren’t strong enough to overcome those hurdles.

This beautiful family went through quite a hurdle in welcoming their little boy into the world. Mom was in a car accident a few weeks before her due date and was rushed to the hospital where she delivered her beautiful baby boy via emergency c-section. After some time spent in separate hospitals for both mom and baby they miraculously recovered and were able to come home not too long after the accident. The happy family of five is doing great now thanks to an awesome support system of friends and family. And of course, Dad was a superhero in keeping it all together during this tough time!

It was an honor to be invited into their home for this session and spend the morning documenting their new lives as a family of five! Enjoy the photos!

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For all of the things my hands have held, the best by far is you

I have had the great pleasure of photographing Gina and Harris from the very beginning. Engagement session, bridal shower, wedding, “trash” the dress, baby announcement, and now finally someone has arrived to take the spotlight off of Harris who hasn’t exactly been a fan of all those sessions. It’s amazing to watch a fellow sarcastic person just melt all over their little boy. Welcome to the world of crying at every commercial with a baby in it and wondering how it is possible to love one person so much even when they are driving you insane. Can we also talk about how great mom’s hair is? Baby A has some awesome genes already and is rocking a full head of hair! As a mom and wife of gamers, I’m obsessed with a certain photo in the post below that incorporates a set of headphones and a controller. Enjoy!

Congratulations mom and dad!! Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting!

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Mom and dad’s lives have been a whirlwind with an engagement, marriage and new baby all within two years! Little man is already so loved and everyone is thrilled to have in this world! And you know mom is excited when she has so many ideas for his photo session. I always start my sessions with mom, dad, any siblings, and the new baby so that we can do any formal photos and candids first. The studio gets pretty warm during the baby’s solo photos so doing family portraits first ensures that everyone is still looking their best. We captured some adorable photos of the new family of three during the first few minutes of the session! After a little break for a feeding and diaper change we cranked the heat and got to work! JJ was an angel and we were able to capture all of the photos that mom was dreaming of. As a NJ newborn photographer I’m always flattered when clients come from areas past Philly for their session! I’m so happy that we were able to capture these moments for mom and dad!

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