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I am pretty sure I lost count of how many sessions I have done with this wonderful family but I do know that this is by far the best one we have had together! We have definitely had our share of sessions where I’m sure mom and dad left wondering if we got ANY good photos. This time there was no doubt – Hudson and Jackson were full of smiles and laughter. They loved exploring the grounds at Smithville Mansion in Mount Holly and they loved tackling mom, smothering her with love and kisses!


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Moms and Dads and whoever is out there reading this, I want to let you know that you don’t need the most picturesque park with the perfect barn or weathered fencing to have gorgeous family photos. All you need is your family and something you love. This adorable foursome is serious about baseball so when they said they wanted family photos to celebrate their 3 and 1 year olds at a baseball diamond in Abington, I was definitely on board! After playing a little bit of t-ball we did what happens in every family session which is take a walk and play! We walked on bleachers, ran the bases, played in the grass and had a great time. While there may be plenty of Abington family photography sessions, I’m sure there aren’t too many quite like this, and the same goes for this kind and caring family of four!


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I can’t say enough amazing things about this family! First of all, they have been with me since the beginning.  I have had the pleasure of watching their family grow from our first session in their Philadelphia apartment, where I mistakenly arrived at the Drexel University dorms instead of their actual apartment! Now here we are, photographing their second daughter’s first birthday. Seriously, where does the time go?

This lifestyle family photo session took place in my Riverton, NJ studio on a hot summer day. They all looked perfect in their whites and pinks! Everyone knows I’m in love with clean and simple!

While big sister was warming up to the idea of photos (even though I swear we were best friends at their last session) we took photos of the birthday girl! She did not disappoint and gave me the cutest little expressions.

We added mom in for a few photos as well…

And we can’t forget dad!

Still working on warming up for photos so in the meantime, we had some nice family snuggle time.

And then dad steps in to save the day!

I love getting to see this awesome family every year and sometimes, multiple times a year! Even when we think a session will go badly, it really just ends up being the perfect opportunity for family snuggles!

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It is not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters. 

I am beginning to lose count of how many sessions I have done with this gorgeous family! Each one is better than the last and I look forward to seeing them every year!

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Last fall I photographed so many adorable families among many beautiful weddings. It may already been February of 2018 but I have not forgotten about these great sessions and have made it a point to get these smiling faces on the blog!

When kids are involved in these photo sessions I always make sure to get at least that one traditional photo of everyone looking and smiling at the camera. Luckily for this session it was easy and we got that photo right in the beginning, leaving plenty of time to run around and get messy! This morning was full of laughter, rolling around in the grass, getting dirty, and lollipop bribes – which is exactly what every session should be full of.

Each session I do is different and really depends a lot on the families I am photographing and age of the kids involved. Sometimes I will do more posing but when toddlers are being photographed they are bosses and we just follow their lead. Kids can be unpredictable as any parent knows so I am stay flexible with itme and allow kids to warm up to me as much as they need to in order to get great photos.

Keep scrolling for more happy faces from this awesome family!